Welcome to Edgemaster Mobile Sharpening

If you are someone who needs a knife, axe or anything with a blade, we are the people that you need to call. Located in Salem, OR but able to travel around, we are able to come to your home or place of business. We keep all of our tools with us at all times, so we are able to get the job done in an efficient and professional manner.

Having a sharp tool is essential for safety and makes any job easier. If you’re a chef having a sharp knife means that your cuts are cleaner, quicker and more controlled. If you’re a landscaper, having sharp tools mean less effort and you can work longer and faster getting more work done. While knife sharpening is our bread and butter we’ve sharpened everything from machetes to hoof clippers.

Mobile Sharpening Service

Professional Sharpening Service

Take a look at some of the videos on the site. As you can tell, having a sharpened blade can make a big difference in what you are doing. We strive to bring that perfectly sharpened blade right to you, so there is no additional work required from you except picking up the phone and calling us in. We will handle the rest and leave your blades as sharp as the first time you pulled them out.

So if you are in need of having your blades sharpened, contact our friendly and professional staff at Edgemaster Mobile Sharpening at 503-507-1698. Or if it is easier, fill out our quick contact form today!