Welcome to Edgemaster Mobile Sharpening

Have you ever wondered how restaurants keep their kitchen knives sharp? Our guess is, probably not! Yet sharp knives are crucial to efficient and safe food preparation. What’s more, there are surprisingly few companies offering sharpening services. Which is where Edgemaster Mobile Sharpening comes in!

Do you have a shovel that’s seen one too many hidden rocks? Maybe it’s been left out in the rain one winter, and it’s just ugly. How about your pruning shears? Rose clippers? Knives aren’t the only thing that benefits from sharpening!


Edgemaster Mobile Sharpening offers a niche service – sharpening knives and other implements through the ultimate convenience of a mobile business that brings top quality sharpening services to the customer. The ability to provide on-the-spot assistance, total customer care, and customized offerings gives us a distinctive edge over the stores which require you to drop off your knives and other tools.

While knife sharpening is our bread and butter, we are constantly challenged with new objects that need our help. Machetes, Swords, Hoof Clippers, and leather tools are just some of the many items that we’ve sharpened. The more you look around, the more items you’ll find that need help from Edgemaster Mobile Sharpening.

If having your knives, shovels, garden tools, or whatever, needs sharpening; call one of the qualified Edgemaster sharpeners near you. You paid good money for your knives and garden tools, don’t let dull edges keep you from enjoying their use!


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